Multiple Teams · Athletics & Activities – COVID-19 Return to Participation Information


Updated Jordan High School Athletic Department information related to COVID-19 will be posted here. Please follow the most current guidelines and instructions given by coaches to decrease your chances to contract and/or spread the virus. Failure to follow instructions could result in loss of participation opportunities for individuals, teams, or the athletic department.


Guiding Principles:

  • We will follow the guidance of state and local government officials and health departments when determining what can and cannot be done at workouts
  • All summer opportunities are voluntary – we respect the rights of families to make participation decisions based on individual health concerns
  • Increased infection control measures will be used to help minimize risk
  • All participants must provide accurate health information to minimize the risk to others
    • Those who have or develop symptoms should stay home or will be sent home


Return to Participation Release Form:
Student-athletes and a parent/guardian must work together to complete this form prior to participation. Forms can be completed online and submitted or downloaded and returned to coaches.


Jordan High School Return to Participation Plan:

  •  Groups must be limited to no more than 50 total people in a defined area
    • Limited to participants (athletes, coaches, trainers) – spectators or other non-participants are not allowed for workouts or practices
    • Coaches must schedule accordingly to avoid unintentional groups of more than 50 when groups are arriving and leaving for different sessions (same or different sport groups)
    • Group size definition may be incrementally increased by government agencies based on data and trends
  • Coaches should wear face coverings; athletes should wear face coverings when not actively participating (prior to and after workouts)
  • Participants should use hand sanitizer before, after, and possibly during workouts
  • Appropriate physical distancing should be maintained when not actively participating
  • Competition may happen within the team and against other teams if the following conditions are met:
    • Total number of people in attendance does not exceed 50 (includes everyone present: athletes, coaches, trainers, officials, scorekeepers, spectators, etc.)
    • Non-participants must practice physical distancing from participants and other spectators from different households, and use personal protective equipment
    • Coaches must determine who will be present to avoid groups that are too large (“No Spectators” is a real possibility)
    • Participants from opposing teams must also be assessed in a similar manner as our athletes to determine current health status
    • Allowances and restrictions may change based on recommendations from government agencies, UHSAA, Jordan High School, and/or Canyons School District


Participants Responsibilities:

  • If you are sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or your health status is in question — STAY HOME
    • Click here for a list of common symptoms from the CDC
  • Any instruction given by a coach, trainer, or administrator about physical distancing, group sizes, hygiene, etc must be followed
  • You must be screened for symptoms by a coach or trainer upon arrival to any workout. This must be done each day.
  • Congregating (“hanging out”) before or after a workout is not allowed – make transportation arrangements to be there on time and be picked up or leave immediately after a workout
  • You must bring your own water and water bottle and cannot share with others
  • Strict hygiene standards must be followed, including washing hands prior to the workout and using hand sanitizer often
  • Appropriate clothes and shoes must be worn at all times (including wearing shirts); clothes and personal equipment (jerseys, helmets, gloves, etc) should not be shared; clothes should be washed after each use


Coach Responsibilities:

  • Take the temperatures of every athlete, every day
  • Inquire of each athlete regarding their symptoms & fill out symptom checklist
  • Keep a record of every athlete’s temperature each day
  • Have adequate amounts of hand sanitizer and ample opportunities for athletes to wash their hands.
  • Sanitize equipment regularly and often (including footballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, etc.) or swap out equipment as much as possible to limit exposure from one athlete to another


If you have questions about opportunities for each sport or need to contact a coach about COVID-19 related issues, please email the appropriate coach.

If you have other athletic department questions, please email Coach Long at