Cheer Competitive Cheer · Cheer Tryouts – New, Digital Format Begins April 27

Jordan Cheer Website with full details

Monday, April 13 by 5pm (deadline passed, contact coach Nicole if you missed deadline)
Tryout application and ALL required paperwork was due to coach Nicole. If for some reason you didn’t make this deadline and you are interested in trying out please email Coach Nicole immediately to see if we can work something out.

Monday, April 27 at 9am
List of names and tryout numbers will be posted on our website.
GoogleMeet link will be sent out to those trying out. You must have this link in order to tryout. If for some reason you do not receive the link and you are trying out please let Coach Nicole know.

Wednesday, April 29 from 3-7pm
There will be a mat laid out on the JHS football field for you to use to film your tumbling tryout video. It is not required that you use this space to film your tumbling video, however, we want to provide a safe place for you to showcase your tumbling if needed. You can film at home or wherever you think is fitting, but please make sure you are in a safe area. DO NOT USE A SPRING FLOOR – YOU WILL NOT GET CREDIT FOR YOUR VIDEO IF IT IS ON A SPRING FLOOR. If you plan to use the mat provided please sign up on the Google Document via the link provided below. This will help ensure we are following the social distancing guidelines that have been set forth. This also means that if you choose to come and use the mat that is provided make sure you film your video and then leave. DO NOT COME AND JUST HANG OUT. There will be a coach onsite for safety reasons and to help monitor everything.
***The coach will NOT be able to spot you so make sure you are doing tumbling that you are confident in.***

Tumbling video requirements:
State your name and tryout number
Showcase your most advanced standing tumbling skill
Showcase jumps to tumbling if you can
Showcase your most advanced standing tumbling skill

Tumbling video is due by 5pm Saturday, May 2. Please email your video to Coach Nicole. Make sure you include your Full Name and Tryout # in the subject of your email… For example:  Nicole Calloway – #1

Thursday, April 30 at 10am
Video will be posted on our website with tryout material consisting of kicks, jumps and cheer.

Friday, May 1 at 10am 
Video of the tryout dance will be posted on our website.

Saturday, May 2 at 9am
Live tryouts via GoogleMeet
There will be 4 people in each tryout group.
You will join the live tryout at your designated time.
For example… Tryout numbers 1-4 will meet at 9am
Tryout numbers 5-8 will meet at 10am
And so on…
You do not need to be available all day that day. Just during your designated tryout time. You will tryout and then you will be done.

During the tryout you will be asked to do the following:
The kicks and jumps will be done one at a time. We will call your number and then have you show the skill.
The cheer and dance will be done at the same time. You may be asked to do these twice.
We will then ask each candidate to say why they are trying out for JHS cheer. This is your chance to show your personality! Don’t be shy and be confident!

If you have any issues connecting or joining your live tryout please let Coach Nicole know ASAP. You will not be penalized for technical issues. We will work with you and help ensure you are able to tryout.

Monday, May 4 at 10am
2020-2021 JHS Cheer team will be announced on our website
***We will not be splitting our team up by JV and Varsity right away. We will do that at a later date.***

If you have any questions regarding the tryout process please contact Coach Nicole via email ( We want to make sure everyone understands the process and what is expected.

Thanks again for your understanding during this unknown time and we can’t wait to begin tryouts!

Tumbling Tryout Mat Signup

Tryout Application Link