Multiple Teams · JHS Soccer Parent Meeting Itinerary


February 26, 2020


Intro Coaches     

  • Head Coach: Nelson Glassett 801-209-5335
  • JV Coach: Tara Daggs 801-953-3430
  • Fr/So Coach: Justin Jahnke 314-348-1379
  • Athletic Director: Jason Long
  • Managers WE NEED MANAGERS!!!

JHS Culture

  • Expectations
  • Practice Attire
  • JV/Varsity will stay with the team
  • All levels ride bus to/from event location (rare exceptions made)

Game info:

  • Coach’s need to see grades on players phone every Monday. If player isn’t eligible, they will not practice or play until grades are fixed. No more than 1 F or 1 NG
  • *New rule* this year. Player has a unexcused absence on game day – they will not be allowed to play in the game that day.
  • Schedule is available for all three teams on

Fees: $132

  • $80 participation fee
  • $32 Sock Fee Not optional this year, new socks both home and away.
  • $30 Banquet Fee. Players are paid for out of the boys’ soccer fund, $30 is for the parents or $15 per person.
  • All fees are to be paid at Jordan Front Office. Get a receipt! Receipts for fees need to be given to managers. Text a pic of your receipt to one of the coaches or a manager when we have one.
  • All fees must be paid before players first game!


  • Scheduled this Saturday @ 10 am. They are free this year.
  • Physicals must be submitted before the first pre-season game which is March 3rd against Cottonwood at home for JV/Varsity. Fr/So Friday March 12th against Hillcrest @ home


Spirit Pack:

  • This year new spirit pack available go to team gear online store and chooses from the inventory, order and pay online, they deliver to us and us to you.



  • Susie with Anython


  • Uniforms/Socks will be distributed Monday March 2nd at the end of practice for JV/V and at the beginning of practice for Fr/So on March 6th. Receipts for fees paid and socks paid must be provided, no receipt, no uniform or socks!
  • Fine will be placed on all Senior’s (sorry seniors), for the amount of the uniform, once the uniform is returned at the end of the season Coat included, the fine will be removed. Seniors can’t graduate if there is a fine along their name.
  • Uniforms and coats must be returned CLEAN! When we return uniforms, if they are not clean the players will be asked to take them home and properly clean them, no exceptions.
  • Uniform Care: *DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER*

Team Dinners:

  • Every player signs up for 2 spots. It can be a combination of lunches or dinners. If you have 2 players, you sign up 4 times.
  • Team dinners will be in the cafeteria on Tuesday at 5:30 pm during region play, Mondays at 5:30 during pre-season.
  • If anyone would like to host a dinner at their house, please let us know.
  • Please sign up for lunches during pre-season and region games before signing up for any playoff games.